Sunday, December 28, 2008

you might have red-neck neighbors

if they tell you not to call the cops when you hear the .22 going off 'cause they're just killin' pigs

if they invite you over 'cause they're making a huge pot of ham and bean soup in their backyard...with the ham from a pig they slaughtered.

if one of the kids runs up with a piece of meat in his hand and tells you to "try 'at" ... so you do, and then he tells you .."'at's pig heart!" with a huge grin on his face.

if they ask you if you want to try some homemade wine...the flavors include peach, cherry or dandelion wine, they also brought out some homemade cherry/pineapple hooch.

if they offer to have you bring some of the bean ham soup home with you, you just need to grab a container. (they ended up giving up a container)

if they make homemade scrapple in their backyard over an open fire ( and if you don't know what that is, you are NOT a red-neck)

if they offer to send some puddin' home with you (this is NOT some sort of sweet thing you may eat as is meat from off the bones of the pig...yes odd)

if they send so much pork home with you it seems like you have the whole pig.

YES - I have red-neck neighbors


Jessie said...

ha ha ha ha ......Joe and I laughed heartily as unto the Lord.

JG Collection said...
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JG Collection said...

LOL...I hope your neighbors aren't tech savy and find your blog address!!!! tee hee hee