Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 - January

Well 2011 has arrived and I see I have been SO very slacking as to not have posted anything new in over a year...
I would LOVE to have a great excuse but I don't... having a little one would have only worked for a bit, not this long!
Jaidyn is 16 months old as of yesterday. She is walking, running, twirling, trying to talk and loving all of her toys and books.
She has a cheery disposition, which of course we love, and she cracks herself up often.... everything she picks up can be turned into a phone and she walks around with said thing tucked between her shoulder and ear jabbering away wandering around the house. I have NO idea where she gets that! (haha)

Maybe I can post again soon and do an update with pics of 2010... we shall see - I am trying to be much more organized and purposeful in my time management this year!