Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Update

I am so happy to say the invitations are IN the mail. I am sad to say I was NOT able to invite everyone I know and love to the wedding.
I know that it will still be a big wedding but when you have lived to be in your upper 30's and have traveled to many camps all over the US and have lived in several have a lot of friends and you wish everyone could gather to celebrate along with you. But then reality hits and you realize, first that to have a place big enough would cost too much and second the lives of everyone else do NOT revolve around yours ... even if they did in the past for some brief instant. Another thought occurred to me...not everyone loves weddings as much as I do.
The next things on the far as wedding plans go is to do some research on how we are going to display the cupcakes...that we will be using in lieu of a wedding cake. Kim (my sis-in-law) may still make a cake for us to use to cut and share with the wedding party...I just haven't decided. Why is it so hard to make a decision???


Scott and Lynn said...

Dan and Cyndi had cupcakes for their wedding and they really looked gorgeous on one of those cupcake tiers!

Target has a nice one that's not cheesy looking -

the keith fam said...

I love that you are using cupcakes!
Shoot, you cute!

JG Collection said...

how do I follow your blogspot???