Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures!

We went to St Maarten in the Caribbean for our honeymoon. We actually traveled back to PA and spent a few days here before flying out to St Maarten. It was nice to have a vacation after doing a lot of the moving from one house to another.

Our first glimpse of St Maarten from the plane

another view of St Maarten from our plane

view off of our balcony....AAHHH!

view off of our balcony - 2

view off of our balcony - 3

the entrance to our One bedroom Suite

first door on the right - the Master Suite

Second door on the right - the Bathroom

Bathroom part -2

Our living room

The Kitchen

The Kitchen - 2

Living Room - 2


Balcony - 2

Our first sunset in St Maarten - so beautiful

Phillipsburg - Capital of Dutch St Maarten

Sunset #2

Us Watching the sunset... we did this every night...VERY ROMANTIC!!!

On Monday we took a tour of the Island by bus... these are a few of the pics from this tour...

Border between Dutch Saint Maarten and French Sint Martin

The yummy French Bakery...oh man I wanna go back!!!

We decided on Chocolate Croissants with Cafe au Lait

To Be Continued....


Anonymous said...

WOW! A day at the beach today would be great considering these cold blustery winds. But I could go for some coffee and a french pastry too.

It looks like you two had a great time and a wonderful place to spend time together. :-)

Will we get to see some wedding photos too?