Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God Provides!

We've started camp...so the staff for the summer are here. One of the staff girls is a cousin of Martain's...she is so fun! Her day off was today so she came down to our house to help me a bit. We went to the store for curtain rods, installed them and then attempted to put the crib together so I could decorate it with the adorable bedding collection we just got. Well...the crib sort of fell apart, at least one side of it...the last side I might add, so it looks more like a mini-day bed instead of a crib.

We adorned the broken crib anyway because I wanted to see it all together. Sorry I don't have a pic yet.

Well - the Lord is already providing for another crib! PTL!

Actually We already have several pieces (big ticket items) that have been gifted to us.

from my bro and sis in law

Double Stroller
High Chair
Two car seats (although they are out dated)

from a friend in Ohio that works at Graco
New Graco Car seat and base
New Graco stroller

from some friends here in PA

New Crib

We are just so thankful fro all the Lord has provided!