Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve - and the New Year

Well New Year's Eve was fun. We went to Bruce and Joyce Yorgey's house...Martain and I were supposed to be in charge of the activities...but we mostly just hung out, chatted and ATE!!!
Right before midnight Bruce Yorgey wanted us to pray in the new we were actually in the middle of praying as the new year hit. I still snuck a quick kiss from my hubby, since I have one, hee hee.

The first day of the year I woke up felling under the weather and by 1pm Martain decided it was time to get me some help...with no Doctors open on New Year's Day, and us living in a small enough community that there are NO urgent care facilities, we had to go to the Emergency Room. Did I mention I hate hospitals...AND NEEDLES!
They needed to take blood and after the diagnosis of UTI, I needed an IV with antibiotics, another needle. After a few hours we were allowed to leave and for the most part I am feeling better. Every once in awhile I don't feel well...but I'm hanging in there!

We are planning a reception for this area...January 24th. more details will follow.


Jessie said...

hmm.....not feeling well...hmmm....
Hope you get feeling better soon :)

JG Collection said...

HEY Jan. 24th is my BIRTHDAY!!! what a great day!!

Looks like your honeymoon was FUN!