Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our Christmas

so - I knew I wouldn't be as good at this as my great friend Ange...ah, well.

Christmas with the Williams clan was possibly the best least in Minnesota!
We all went up to Don and Kim's and stayed over night on Christmas Eve, and spent the day together all Christmas. A Blast!
There was an amazing breakfast and yummy dinner. The kiddoes were all so fun to watch as they opened their pressies and then they disappeared to the playroom to play with 'the cousins'. The adults had a blast playing guitar hero and chatting. Santa made a visit and we all sat down to watch a slide show of our family past Christmases. Ray and Terri had to leave Sunday evening, but the rest of us stayed over again. Christmas night Bruce, Missy, Don, Kim, Kaleb, Lauren and myself went to go see National Treasure 2 - which was great!

All together it was a great holiday!

did you all have great one as well?


Scott and Lynn said...

sounds like fun!

We went to the creation museum in Ohio - it was awesome!!!

we miss you :)

Angie and Jason said...

Hope we can chat sometime this week. Are you still thinking of coming for Easter? We would LOVE to have you!