Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pictures from Jenny Leverentz' wedding

I think I only took pics of half of the guests...they were all sneaking away from me...what's up with people being camera shy?

Anyway, I had so much fun...this wedding was one of the most fun I have been to in awhile (it has been at least 5 months since Angie's)

Hope you have fun looking at them!


Angie and Jason said...

They look great, Kim! She looked beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Everyone
I just got a phone call. Austin, A student who is in 6th grade at my school was diagnosed with cancer last year. It's been a rough year, as in the summer it was discovered that 5 of his organs (spleen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas and stomach, I think I got them all right) were involved. Of course he could live without his spleen and gall bladder. So, he was put on transplant list and even had to fight an appeal in order to be able to request 3 organs.

Well, good news has come tonight, Austin will be under going a liver transplant tonight sometime. His parents are very positive about this transplant and have been relying on God through everything.

I ask now for prayers, for the surgeons and his family. Since, he is having the surgery sometime tonight we will not know anything until tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering how you got the slideshow, I would like to try it for my blog? Can you help me? (pensan@aol.com)