Thursday, October 8, 2009

New photos of Jaidyn

Hope you all enjoy seeing our Peanut... she is already changing and getting bigger... YIKES!

Daddy adoring his baby girl.

Grandma Ferguson enjoying holding her FIRST grandchild.

Chillin' on Grandma's lap.

Loving snuggling on a down pillow

Food coma and a clean diaper - Life doesn't get any better

one of my trips in the car...mommy thinks I do a great job once I am IN the seat - but I never like getting in it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Jaidyn Elizabeth

Most of you may have already seen our sweet daughter in pictures on FB or on the EBCalumni site....
but I have been encouraged to update this blog as well.

Here She is:
Jaidyn Elizabeth Ferguson

Cozy in a hat and swaddled!

Mom and Baby doing well...

The C-section was scheduled for Monday September 28th - but I went into Labor and my water broke on Friday the 25th in the afternoon... so an emergency C-section was ordered due to the fact Jaidyn was breech. She was born at 6:03pm Friday September 25th

For those of you who were a part of my life 15 years ago you may recall this was the date that my dad graduated to Glory - I thought it was completely appropriate to have this bundle of JOY arrive on such a day!

This is Martain and his Dad enjoying looking at our sweet girl.
This is Martain's Parents first grandchild... I think they are a bit excited!

Grandma Dorothy Ferguson (Known as DeeDot to some)

Mom and Jaidyn at home with Lovies from Aunt Ange, Uncle Jason and Brady!