Monday, May 26, 2008

Heading to Greenwood Hills Bible Conference

I am heading to camp in Pennsylvania in 11 days.

I will be driving on the 5th and 6th of June.

I am going to see where I will be living after I get married in November.

I will be seeing the ministry that Martain has been involved in for 5 years and plans on continuing in...

I am going to meet my future in-laws for the first time.

I am going to meet a lot of people that all have known Martain for years...

I am going to see the Chapel that I will be attending both this summer and after we are married.

I am going to see a glimpse of my future life.....

PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!



Laurel said...

I will be praying, dear Kim! Post reminders and updates as you can, okay? Love you!

Scott and Lynn said...

Yeah! You will love it! Greenwood Hills is so beautiful - and the people are really great too. My mom had really nice things to say about Martain too! She said he is wonderful and one of those people that everyone just loves - it reminded me of you :) I will be praying for you. Have a great time!

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

awww, will do! i remember being nervous before i met ben's family and all his friends too, the first time we made the trip to kansas. but it will go great because who couldn't love you?! =) praying in japan!