Monday, April 14, 2008

The Proposal!



First of all I must confess that both Martain and I have already known that the Lord has placed us in each others lives for the reason of becoming husband and wife...HE made that VERY clear to ME when I was in OHIO...although I was already fairly confident before even going...Yes I KNOW that may seem weird but it is TRUE.

So we had already talked about WHEN would be a good time (considering our schedules) to get married...and we had decided on November.

That isn't that far away when you know what goes into planning a wedding! So I started looking for a church and thinking of all sorts of things wedding related, including the fact I would need to go DRESS shopping.

My sisters in law Missy and Kim as well as Lauren (my niece) and my mom were apparently all in on this....

I thought we were going to go try on dresses last Thursday. I thought (with a little manipulation from Missy) that we could have a girlie day and have lunch at the cheese cake factory and then go to the dress shop, even though the Cheese Cake Factory was on the other side of town near the airport ( yeah I so didn't pick up on that!!!!) Their original plan was to surprise me there...but timing wasn't right.

So little did I know Missy was texting with Martain through out the meal and figuring out a plan "b" - I seriously had NO CLUE!!!!!!

We had to leave to go to the dress shop...and we were a few minutes late...we had an appointment for 2pm and we were there by 5 after.

I headed in along with my entourage, Missy, Lauren (who was video taping), Kim, Anna and Megan (other nieces) and I saw my mom was already in the shop ( I thought she had to go babysit) I was surprised she was already there.

I enter the shop and am sort of looking down at my little nieces...every one else is waiting for me to look up because Martain had stepped out of one of the TUX dressing rooms with roses waiting for me to notice him!

I finally looked up..and was shocked, trying to figure out if he was real or a cardboard cut out! HAHA I dropped everything in my hands and said,"You're Here! You're Here!" and went to hug him...I seriously couldn't believe it!
Then he held out the roses....
there were 2 yellow and one red.
he pointed to one yellow rose and said,"this rose is to represent our past, this yellow rose is to represent our present, and this red one is to represent our future which I hope includes you marrying me!"
I said, in a very high pitched almost squeal, "Okay!" And then let him put the ring on my finger!

I then turned to the dress shop ladies and said..."I don't want to try on dresses now, is that ok?"

And then I looked at Missy and said, "did you meet him yet?"... which she hadn' I introduced him! Even though they had already talked a bunch!

WOW - I can honestly say I have NEVER been so surprised in ALL my life!

Missy had found a hat that said BRIDE on it....and she had to get it for me!

Martain was able to be in town with me for a few days. He flew in on Thursday and didn't have to leave until Sunday afternoon. So we had a whirlwind weekend of meeting with people and even having a family engagement dinner on Saturday night.
It was so much fun, He got to meet all my nieces and nephews and I loved watching him play with them! He is already Uncle Martain!

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