Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Jaidyn Elizabeth

Most of you may have already seen our sweet daughter in pictures on FB or on the EBCalumni site....
but I have been encouraged to update this blog as well.

Here She is:
Jaidyn Elizabeth Ferguson

Cozy in a hat and swaddled!

Mom and Baby doing well...

The C-section was scheduled for Monday September 28th - but I went into Labor and my water broke on Friday the 25th in the afternoon... so an emergency C-section was ordered due to the fact Jaidyn was breech. She was born at 6:03pm Friday September 25th

For those of you who were a part of my life 15 years ago you may recall this was the date that my dad graduated to Glory - I thought it was completely appropriate to have this bundle of JOY arrive on such a day!

This is Martain and his Dad enjoying looking at our sweet girl.
This is Martain's Parents first grandchild... I think they are a bit excited!

Grandma Dorothy Ferguson (Known as DeeDot to some)

Mom and Jaidyn at home with Lovies from Aunt Ange, Uncle Jason and Brady!


K said...

As I said before....THRILLED for you and Martain! Enjoy this time!
Much love to you all

JG Collection said...

I didn't not know that about the Date of your Dad's going home!!! That put a tear in my eye!!

Joy said...

She is just precious! So many congrats to you and the hubbs, Kim!

The Sayres said...

Yea you updated your blog!!! She is adorable. I can't wait to get to meet her.